First Aid Focus Day

On Tuesday 27th of February, our students were given the opportunity to participate in the First Aid Focus Day which was delivered by St John WA. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone - sometimes the only person available to help is a child or a young adult, and it is important that they have the skills necessary to cope in these situations.  Three sessions were held throughout the day which were:

  • Lower school: First Aid Act
  • Middle school: Outdoor
  • Upper school: Chain of survival

The First Aid Focus program aims to train and equip students with the skills to assess and respond to first aid situations, while developing strategies to seek help for themselves or others. It was fantastic to see all the students really getting into wrapping bandages, in the case where someone was bitten by a snake, and learning how to deliver cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if someone had a heart attack.

The feedback from both students and staff was that it was an enjoyable day, with the content being very beneficial and useful to know.

Louise Warren, Bush Rangers Instructor

Harmony Day

On Tuesday the 5th of March 2024, West Coast SESC held our annual Harmony Day event. We celebrated early this year, to enable those who observe Ramadan to partake in our shared lunch. Harmony Week is a time to celebrate multiculturalism in Australia. The message of Harmony Week is one of inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians.

On this day, students had the option of wearing the colour orange  - to represent Harmony Week - or traditional dress to represent their cultural background. 

In the lead up to this event, students learned about the history of Harmony Week and Harmony Day, and why the colour orange was chosen to represent this day. On the morning of our Harmony Day event, students took part in a Cultural Infusion Incursion, with three groups of students rotating through three different performances: Wayang Kulit - Indonesian Shadow Puppetry, Chinese Martial Arts and Bollywood Infusion. It was great to see students getting up and having a go at the martial arts and Bollywood dancing.

Staff and students had the option to participate in a school lunch by bringing in a plate of food to share and we most certainly didn’t go hungry - there was plenty of food to go around!

It was a draw for the best dressed staff award, with Mr Kieran receiving the canteen voucher and Ms Marivic winning the box of chocolates. The best dressed student prize was awarded to Anthony from Area H. 

The Harmony Day events were enjoyed by everyone who participated, and a huge thank you goes out to everyone who was involved in ensuring the day went smoothly. 

Christine Abbott, Teacher

Area B Update

Area B has made a fantastic start to 2024. Ryan, Jude and Tyson have welcomed six new Year 7 students to the class; Patrick, Emily, Xavier, Saul, Preston, Xavier and Caleb. Together, we have shared fun experiences and formed friendships that are sure to last a long time.

During the term, we have been focussing on relationships and emotional resilience using programs such as What’s the Buzz?, Zones of Regulation and You Can Do It. Some students have been working alongside students from other classes, both within West Coast SESC and from Warwick SHS, giving many opportunities for building communication skills.

STEM is a firm favourite amongst the students, and this term they have made a lego bridge and crafted a windmill, balloon rocket and a paper walking dog. During STEM lessons, students use their communication, resilience and ingenuity to create something that falls within certain parameters and criteria. These lessons give them a chance to undertake a challenging project, all while having fun! Often, laughter and shouts of exclamation can be heard during these lessons.

We have just arrived back from the Lower School Camp at Swan Valley Adventure Centre. Every student in the class attended and they all seemed to have a fabulous time. Between the great food, the Mid-Ropes course, frisbee and dorms, it was an enjoyable and exhausting two days. Students had to step outside of their comfort zone to challenge themselves with new and unfamiliar situations - they should all be proud of what they achieved.

The feedback from our class was that camp was a really fun experience. Ryan liked the archery and the supa golf, Patrick’s favourite was the laser tag, and Tyson said that he loved everything about camp! Caleb tried spring rolls for the first time and really enjoyed them, while Saul was very proud of his Indigenous artwork. For Xavier and Emily, being around their friends was the highlight, and Jude enjoyed the Mid-Ropes course. Preston loved playing games on the oval - especially kicking the footy.

Term One has been very busy, and we are looking forward to a great holiday break - ready to come back fresh and bright for Term Two!

Zoe Blakeman and Kelly Elsley, Teachers

Area A Update

Term One certainly has flown by in Area A. Our delightful Year 7 students have settled beautifully into their new school, with support from our fabulous Year 8’s - who have helped to show them the ropes! Our focus for this term has been to establish new friendships and enjoy getting to know each other. 

The students have chosen their highlights from this term, including the Lower School Camp for Ben, Finley, Katy, Jonathan, Nathan and Shanae. Caprice has enjoyed Sport lessons and getting to know new staff and students. Omar had fun participating in the activities on Harmony Day. Preston loves reading in the library and Jack has taken some amazing pictures in Photography!

As a class, we look forward to working together to solve the daily Wordle. It can get a little loud, but we have a blast ending each day with a big cheer when we have persevered and succeeded! This term has been a wonderful start to the year.

Mrs Danielle Sanger, Teacher

Vocational and Engagement Placements and Programs

Vocational and Engagement Placements

At the end of 2023, the VET and Workplace Learning programs were renamed to be part of the new Pathway Planning team.  This team looks at the strengths and preferences of each senior student and helps them to access either a vocational or engagement pathway. In a vocational pathway, students will attend TAFE or complete a VET qualification while at school, experience different workplaces to build their employability skills and gain experience related to their VET Certificate course where possible. The students following an Engagement Pathway develop their life skills, participate in micro-business activities and attend work placements in volunteer roles and/or attend supported workplaces.

In 2024 we have 39 senior students participating in a variety of activities, including working towards the following VET qualifications:
•    CERT I in General Education for Adults.
•    CERT I in Hospitality
•    CERT II in General Education for Adults.
•    CERT II in Applied Digital Technologies
•    CERT II in Building and Construction (Carpentry)
•    CERT II in Hospitality
•    CERT II in Horse Care
•    CERT II Integrated Technologies (Robotics Control Stream)
•    CERT III in School Based Education Support

We also have students completing School Based Traineeships with Water Corp (CERT II in Workplace Skills), DLGSC (CERT II in Government), Good Sammy’s (CERT II in Retail) and GMS (CERT II in Supply Chain Operations).  These students will complete a VET qualification while demonstrating and developing their skills by attending a relevant workplace.

The employers we engage with support our Vocational Pathway Planning Program by offering work experience to our students. We have built relationships with businesses in the Plumbing and Carpentry industries, Woolworths at Kingsway and Dog Swamp, Meerilinga Children and Community Services Woodvale, Grill’d at Kingsway, Heathridge Primary School, Good Sammy’s in Osborne Park, Good Sammy’s: Containers for Change and Westwide Electrical Services.

The Engagement Pathway workplaces include Work Power Osborne Park, Better You Services, Give Write, Swan Animal Farm, InteLife, Lifeblood and People Who Care. These provide an environment where students volunteer and gain work experience in a supported workplace.

Mrs Karen Spencer, Vocational Pathway Coordinator

Engagement Pathways

The Upper School program has undergone an in-depth review, and as a result, we have started our new Engagement Pathways program with students in Area C. This pathway has been designed to prepare our students for an engaged and purposeful life after school. The Engagement Pathway program will provide students with the opportunity to participate in programs such as:

•    School based micro enterprise, beginning with creating and selling items using a Cricut machine.

•    Community service program: preparing meals for the Salvation Army Doorways program.

•    School-based employability skills program - will involve running a car wash in Term 1 and 4 and participating in a school-based café in Term 2 and 3. This program also aims to build the students independence with life skills.

The Engagement Pathway program will involve the continued development of individual Literacy and Numeracy skills, the delivery of a Health and Protective Behaviours curriculum, and the development of functional life skills.  Students will be given opportunities for work placements in the community that are relevant to their interests and skill sets.

Mrs Suzanne Nileshwar, Engagement Pathways Coordinator

    Parent Morning Tea

    On Thursday March 7th 2024, the warmth of community spirit permeated through the staffroom of West Coast SESC as we hosted our first Parent Morning Tea of the year. We were thrilled to see such a wonderful turnout and to extend a warm welcome to our new parents. The event was a delightful opportunity for connections to be made and bonds to be strengthened over cups of coffee and slices of cake.

    Amidst the pleasant chatter and laughter, we were honoured to have a representative from Carers WA join us for a presentation. The session proved to be not only informative, but also deeply insightful. Our guest speaker shed light on the invaluable services offered by Carer Gateway, empowering our community with knowledge about the support available to carers.

    The presentation sparked engaging discussions and provided a platform for our parents and teachers to share their experiences and insights. It was heartening to witness the exchange of stories and the formation of connections that extend beyond the confines of our school walls.

    We extend our gratitude to everyone who attended and contributed to the warmth and vibrancy of the event. We look forward to many more gatherings that celebrate our strong and supportive community.

    In the spirit of togetherness and shared learning, we eagerly anticipate welcoming all of you to join us on Thursday 27th June 2024 for our next Parent Morning Tea.

    Tamara Gill
    Parent Liaison Officer 

    WA Student Councillor Program

    At the end of 2023, Lucas White applied for the Year 10 WA Student Councillor Program. The application process required a written application and the submission of a video. Lucas talked about his leadership attributes, skills and experience, why he wanted to join the council, how he can add value to the council and how he could represent students in his area. Lucas was then shortlisted to progress to an interview from over sixty students across Western Australian Secondary schools, inclusive of mainstream schools. Lucas did extremely well and he was successful in his application.

    This year, Lucas has hit the ground running and he is approaching the role with diligence and committment. He has been progressing through various Leadership Modules and attended a Workshop in the January school holidays. He engages in weekly meetings online via Teams and has had various tasks to complete, including investigating how his school demonstrates cultural responsiveness and how teachers demonstrate it in the classroom. Lucas has also undertaken a regional research task, which required him to find out who he will be representing in his role as student councillor.

    The five priority areas that the Student Councillors will continue to focus on this year are Cultural Responsiveness; Student Health, Safety and Wellbeing; Student Resources and Education Reform; Environments; and Supporting Students with a Disability. Lucas has a passion for the environment, and his focus group this year will be Environments. He will also join Samson Bartlett, a Year 11 student who is returning for his second year as a student councillor, in the Supporting Students with a Disability focus group.

    Lucas and Samson attended the Student Councillor Camp from Sunday the 17th of March to Tuesday the 19th of March. Part of this camp included Lucas visiting the Department of Education WA offices in East Perth to have morning tea, a meeting and a discussion with Lisa Rogers, the Director General of the Department of Education WA. Other members of the Leadership Team were also present, with each member being responsible for different portfolios related to the priority areas mentioned. After this visit, Lucas attended Parliament House and had a meeting with the Education Minister, Dr Tony Buti. The students collectively discussed their views and gave feedback across the priority areas. Tony was very receptive and asked the students a lot of questions. Lucas demonstrated his confidence by speaking up to express his views. After the meeting, the councillors went on a guided tour of Parliament House.

    In other exciting news, WAESPAA invited Lucas and Samson to visit Burswood on Swan on Friday the 22nd of March, to meet and talk with the Director General, about their student councillor roles. They both did  really well and were excellent student representatives.

    I have enjoyed supporting Lucas through his application process, and the various student councillor duties and responsibilities. I am immensely proud of the dedication and hard work that he puts into everything that he does, and I look forward to seeing what other opportunities will come his way throughout his student councillor journey. 

    Christine Abbott, Teacher

    Salvation Army Doorways Program

    This term, Area C have been cooking and preparing meals every Thursday in the Life Skills room. We make 25 meals each week which are then distributed to the local community through the Salvation Army Doorways program.

    Each year, across Australia, thousands of individuals and families come to The Salvation Army for help meeting day to day expenses or paying unexpected bills. We help people in crisis meet their immediate needs, because we believe no one should have to go without the essentials(Salvation Army website) 

    So far this term, we have cooked spaghetti bolognaise, pasta carbonara, chilli con carne and chow mein!  The students love helping to prepare the food, before packaging it into containers with labels and delivering it to the administration team each week to be collected by a Salvation Army representative.

    Area C are so happy to help with such a worthy cause! We get to learn new cooking skills, have fun, and appreciate the importance of helping others in need.

    Roisin Cummings, Teacher

    Empowering Our Students

    We are thrilled to announce an exciting development in our ongoing commitment to empower our students at West Coast SESC. Thanks to our wonderful partnership with YAL (Young Australian League), a number of West Coast SESC students have been presented with their very own Surface Pro Laptops.

    These cutting-edge devices are not just tools for accessing information; they represent a gateway to a world of opportunities for our students. With their Surface Pro Laptops in hand, our students are learning valuable digital skills that will prepare them for the modern workforce and enable them to thrive in today's increasingly digital world.

    One of the key advantages of these laptops is their versatility. Students are now able to access and navigate job sites like Seek and Indeed, expanding their understanding of career opportunities and preparing them for future careers. Additionally, they can now do grocery shopping online, gaining independence and practical life skills. The Surface Pro Laptops are instrumental in facilitating remote learning, with students able to complete their schoolwork from anywhere. These laptops also enable students to access additional services, including tutoring, counselling, and specialized educational programs.

    Our two student councillors, Samson and Lucas, will be able to fulfill their duties more effectively thanks to the Surface Pro Laptops. With access to Zoom meetings, they can actively participate in discussions, represent their peers, and make meaningful contributions during their tenures in this position.

    A huge thank you to Sam’s Spares, for their generous contribution in refurbishing the laptops and enabling our students to access them. Sam’s Spares is a Not-For-Profit organization dedicated to saving E-waste from landfills by repairing and donating technology, free of charge, to those in need.

    Through our partnership with YAL and the provision of Surface Pro Laptops, we are empowering our students to reach their full potential and seize every opportunity that comes their way.

    Tamara Gill
    Parent Liaison Officer 

    Swan Valley Adventure Camp

    On Monday the 18th of March, students embarked on a journey to Swan Valley Adventure Centre.  For some of our students, this was their first camp or first time staying the night at camp. An array of emotions were felt by the students; some were excited, some were nervous and some felt a combination of the two.

    On the first day, students were split off into groups, where each group participated in a different activity. Some students had their adrenaline pumping, as they ascended the Mid-Ropes Course; however, there were also a few daredevils, who kept as cool as a cucumber. The second group were honing their archery skills, attempting to land an elusive bull’s eye of victory. The final group of students made their way around the Frisbee Golf Course, participating with enthusiasm in this accessible spin on the original game.

    After a delicious lunch, the students had the opportunity to delve into the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous Painting, by creating traditional designs on small rocks and canvases whilst hearing First Nations stories from the Elder. It was truly inspiring to witness their creativity flourish as they expressed themselves through art.

    On the second day, the students were up and ready for an adventure to Swan Valley Laser Corps. Everyone had an exciting time playing laser tag, followed by a tasty sausage sizzle lunch cooked by one of our very own students, Mason. They ended the day by enjoying some social time as they walked through a game at Super Golf. Overall, it was a fantastic camp, where students and staff had the chance to create connections with one another while participating in a variety of activities.

    Catherine Irvine, Bush Ranger Instructor

    On Monday 18th students went to the Swan Valley Adventure Centre.  We went on the big bus to camp. When we arrived we sat on the grassed area and we had recess. We were put into two groups. We went to Archery and the others did High Ropes. We had hotdogs and chips for lunch. After lunch we did the Dale Tilbrook Experience. We did dot painting on a canvas and rocks. Later in the afternoon we went into our dorms. We had quiet time before dinner. We had chicken and vegetables for dinner then we watched Sonic 2 the movie. It felt like it went for 2 hours. 
    On Tuesday the 19th we had a cooked breakfast. Then we packed our dorms, put the luggage on the bus and went to Laser Tag and Supa Golf in the Swan Valley. We had a BBQ lunch before heading back to school with the same bus driver. I had lots of fun.
    Jonathon, Student from Area A

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    Woodman Point Camp

    As the mercury soared to a scorching 39 degrees, the timing couldn't have been better to embark on an unforgettable adventure with a spirited group of students at Woodman Point Camp – a seaside haven. Armed with an abundance of ice poles, refreshing watermelon slices, and copious amounts of sunscreen, our dedicated staff were determined to ensure a camp experience that would be cherished for years to come. With bags packed, swimsuits at the ready, and an enthusiastic, "I'm ready to give it my all!" attitude, our students eagerly set off for camp in the third week of Term One.

    This expedition was filled with many first-time experiences; some students dipped their toes into the ocean for the very first time, others savoured their inaugural overnight stay away from home, and many bravely conquered their fears by soaring from the 9-meter-high flying fox and hurtling along 120 meters of steel cable at thrilling speeds. It was a camp destined to etch memories into the minds of all who attended.

    Divided into three groups, each cohort rotated through an array of activities over the course of three days. From beach team-building exercises to surf lifesaving lessons – complete with a dash of rescue boarding – and from archery to beach sports, flying fox escapades, catapult building, and the ever-popular You Can Do It Program minute-to-win-it challenges, there was no shortage of excitement. Students found themselves on the brink of enacting a CPR lesson as Ms Mac spotted a sizable black silhouette gliding ominously toward a group of students. After frantically ushering them out of the water, relief washed over her as the mysterious figure revealed itself to be none other than a curious seal.

    As each day drew to a close, exhaustion mingled with satisfaction as students retreated for some well-deserved rest, either winding down with a movie or simply enjoying each other’s company under the gentle breeze from the ceiling fans in their dormitories. With delicious meals and wonderful company, the camaraderie only grew stronger. By noon on the third day, fatigue had set in, and eager eyes turned towards the air-conditioned bus that awaited, ready to whisk them back to the comfort of school.

    Kerry McLaren, Deputy Principal 

    Rottnest Island Camp

    From the 11th to the 13th of March, a group of Year 11 and Year 12 students embarked on an enriching journey to Rottnest Island which was organised and delivered by the Bush Rangers Committee.

    During the trip, staff and students engaged in immersive walking tours to observe the island’s picturesque scenery while delving into its rich history, from early settlers to wartime narratives. Exploring the main artillery tunnels and gun positions offered captivating insights into the island’s past. 

    Beyond the educational aspects of camp, students were provided with opportunities to foster independence and forge lifelong friendships through unique and shared experiences with their peers. During Tuesday’s Subway-style lunch, students worked to create their own sandwich - sparking creativity and encouraging camaraderie. 

    While exploring the island, students had the chance to bask in the beauty of Rottnest’s beaches and shores, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and creating some very memorable moments. The Rottnest Island Camp encouraged a holistic approach to learning and aimed to broadened student knowledge while nurturing valuable social skills. This experience has contributed to the personal growth and development of everyone involved, and will be remembered with a smile for years to come.

    Anthony Raschilla, Teacher

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    Principal Update

    We welcomed everyone back this term for the start of a new year. With only a short, nine week term to start off 2024, we had a lot to pack into a small amount of time.

    For the first few weeks we suffered through incredibly hot weather, and unfortunately, the pool build is ongoing - so we could not even access a swim to cool down!  By the end of the first term break, the new change rooms should be completed and the pool refilled. We are all very excited to see and use our beautiful new facilities.

    The new Year 7 students have settled in really well and are starting to blossom as their confidence grows and they form friendships with their peers.  The  Swan Valley Adventure  Camp helped to consolidate budding friendships.  Students also attended camps at Woodman Point and Rottnest – where they engaged in some amazing opportunities to grow and learn, whilst creating memories with their friends that will stay with them long after they finish school.  I know you will join me in appreciating the hard work and extra time given by the staff who organise and volunteer to go to these camps. They are the guides and mentors that make the camps possible, and they facilitate such an enjoyable experience for the students.

    As you will read in this Newsletter, it has been a busy term with many new experiences for our students. Due to the shorter first term, next term is eleven weeks long - but we have a couple of Public Holidays throughout to rest and recharge.

    I hope you all have a restful and relaxing holiday break, and I look forward to seeing you all next term.

    Best wishes,

    Carol Clarke


    Archaelogical Summit, 2023

    We are incredibly proud of one of our classroom staff, Qusay Abdulkareem, who was invited to attend the global Archaeology Summit 2023 in September, to represent Australia as a speaker, as he has a PhD in Archaeology.

    From Qusay:

    I was invited to represent Australia as a speaker for the AlUla World Archaeology Summit 2023, on September 13-15, at Maraya, in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. After obtaining travel approval and the approval of my manager at West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre, I attended the conference – which was fully funded by the Saudi government.  

    I was very excited to be invited and the organizers of the global conference indicated in their invitation, “We are honoured to have you join us as a speaker at the World Archaeology Summit. As an accomplished and respected expert in your field, your experience and knowledge will help to shape the conversations and outcomes of the Summit”.

    I feel very proud to be an Australian now and so I took with me the Australian flag and an indigenous symbol, which I showed at the conference!  I also displayed them when I conducted a field survey of several archaeological sites – in conjunction with the Saudi team – with a view to participate in research in the future. 

    Tap Dancing - recess club

    This year we introduced tap dancing lessons as one of our recess and lunchtime clubs, which was available for all students to try.

    Every week, the students enjoyed a 20-minute lesson learning various steps from heel closes to brush, brush downs. Each student tried their very best to perform the steps, regardless of their ability, with such beaming smiles on their faces. They were an absolute pleasure to teach.

    When asked to perform at the End of Year of Assembly by Mrs Clarke they all said yes with great excitement. And what a show they put on for all the guests. A very proud moment!

    Next year we plan to introduce tap shoes which I know the students are excited about!

    Ms Claire Hayhoe
    Tap Dancing Teacher

    Sister school web chat: Fukuyama Kita Special Support School

    On Monday the 11th of December, a representative from each class at WCSESC had the opportunity to participate in a web chat with our sister school, Fukuyama Kita Special Support School in Hiroshima, Japan.

    Both groups of students introduced themselves and asked and answered a selection of questions to get to know each other.

    Our sister school students then presented a very special performance for us and played us a Christmas Carol called Silent Night, using musical hand bells.

    Both groups of students were enthusiastically talking to each other and were applauding each other.

    This is the message that I received from our sister school about this experience:

    “Thank you for the web chat! Our students were looking forward to the day. Because of your warmful clap and reactions, our students got relieved I think. The students said they had fun. Again, thank you for wonderful time. So, I would be happy if we could keep in touch and continue next year. Finally, we are preparing to send presents to your school. So please look forward to receiving it. It is scheduled to arrive in March.”

    We look forward to talking to them again next year.

    Mrs Christine Abbott
    Cultural Studies Teacher

    Area F - term 4 update

    This term has gone by so quick! I can’t believe it has almost come to the end of another awesome year! So much has happened and a few highlights are detailed below.

    In Chemical Sciences this term, we have been exploring changes that can occur to materials through processes such as mixing, heating or freezing. Some highlights included creating cool patterns by adding water to a plate full of skittles (it turns out that the coloured ink is soluble and the result was impressive!). We also explored chemical reactions by mixing mentos and coke together to make an impressive eruption. We even made our own lava lamp using vinegar, oil, food colouring and bi-carb soda in a jar!

    Our year 9 and 10 students attended several Career Taster Courses this term, including a Barbers Shop, pinhole photography and animation and game art course. The students who attended these courses enjoyed a taste of what it might be like to study different courses at TAFE and enjoyed the practical experiences they took part in.

    Two of our year 10 students completed their ASDAN Transition Challenge portfolios this year. Jayce and Braydon’s were externally moderated in November and were successful in this process. Congratulations to both students, for all of the hard work you put in over the course of the year. A special thanks to the area F staff for all of the hard work you have put in to get these finalised in time for the submission date. Our year 9 students who started this two year program in 2023 will continue working on their portfolios next year.

    Jayce and Braydon have also had the opportunity attend Landsdale Farm for WPL for several days this term. Braydon has been working there in a waste management capacity and Jayce has been undertaking various tasks around the farm with the other students. Both have reportedly been doing an amazing job and Jayce even won the student of the day award one day for all of his hard work on his first day of placement. Well done to both boys.

    Lucas is to be commended for his successful application and acceptance in to the Year 10 Student Councillor Program in 2024. Lucas submitted a video application, introducing himself and explaining why he wants to be a Student Councillor and what issues he will advocate for, as well as what he will be able to bring to this program. 60 submissions were received form students all over the network, from both Education Support and Mainstream schools. Lucas was shortlisted with 29 other students and participated in a video interview, collaborating with three other students and discussing various school-based issues via Webex. Lucas was successful in this process and will be engaged in this program in 2024. Lucas, we are all so proud of your achievements! Congratulations!

    Area F students and staff who attended the whole school excursion in Week 6 had a great day exploring various animal enclosures at the Caversham Wildlife Park.

    It has been a pleasure teaching our area F students this year. I wish them all the best for their new classes in 2024.

    Mrs Christine Abbott
    Teacher Area F

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    You Can Do It! assembly

    On Wednesday in Week 10, students from Area B, E, F and G (2023 classes) hosted the end of year, You Can Do It assembly. 

    This term in You Can Do It, we have been working to overcome our blocker thinking. Blocker thinking stops us from achieving our goals by making us focus only on the negative thoughts. When we challenge our negative thought with a positive thought, we are more likely to be successful. Samson, Lucas and Eryn shared their personal stories about how they overcame their blocker thinking, enabling him to become successful in their various endeavours.

    We enjoyed a lovely performance from the West Coast tappers and some of the girls from area F and G signed along using Auslan, to a Daft Punk song called "Harder, better, faster, stronger", a song that was well suited to our YCDI focus this term. Thanks to our students who took part in our assembly. It was great to see your confidence shine through with your public speaking skills.

    Congratulations to the certificate award winners and the five winners who won a voucher. The staff and student tappers were also presented with a trophy from Miss Claire.

    Thanks also to Henry and Tina who photographed the event, Matthew Zscherpel who assisted with the technology, Mr Koppl and Mr R who jumped in to offer assistance where needed and Rebecca Wenn for assisting with the merit certificates. Thanks to Miss Claire for your work with the West Coast tappers and to Mrs Clarke, who presented the awards.

    Christine Abbott (area F), Tara Murphy (area G), Amanda Letizia (area E) and Julie Day (area B)

    Mrs Christine Abbott
    Area F Teacher


    This term, we initiated a guitar program for our Year 7 and 8 students, introducing them to the world of music through weekly, personalised lessons that delve into various guitar and musical concepts.

    The students have exhibited commendable progress throughout the term. Many have demonstrated an enhanced ability to strum along to the beat of their favourite song, showcasing a steady rhythm. Additionally, students have showcased their determination by successfully identifying specific strings, mastering alternating strumming patterns, and acquiring proficiency in learning new chord combinations.

    The overall progress in the students' musical skills has truly surpassed expectations. I look forward to continuing their musical journey as we move into 2024. Next year, the guitar program will be extended to Year 9 students, providing them with the opportunity to build musical foundation before becoming eligible to participate in the Music Rocks program from Year 10 onward.

    Mr Oliver Snowdon

    Work Skills room

    This term has seen our students continue with pencils from ‘Give Write’.  This has turned out to be a much bigger job than we originally thought and involves many steps, which we are currently refining.

    Students have spent the last 7 weeks, measuring each pencil to make sure it is the recommended length, they then sorted them by brand/type and then moved on to colour.   Pencils are then cleaned, sharpened, and bundled before being sent back to Give Write to be donated.


    Back in Term 3 we created a “Skills I Need” List based on observations and feedback from staff attending Work Placement (WPL) with students.  These skills include such things as being able to tie a knot, using a ruler and being able to measure and recognise money etc.

    Each student attending Work Skills have been given the opportunity to be checked on these skills.  This will allow us to go into next year having an understanding on certain skills each student will need to focus on to develop their skills.

    Ms Karen Woods, Mrs Dionne Rowe, Mrs Jenny Hermens
    Education Assistants

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